Insight Sessions

Upcoming Insight Sessions

Insight Sessions are for Members Only unless specified otherwise by the host.

For details about upcoming Insight Sessions, please visit our Event Calendar.

About Insight Sessions

for getting to know other CEOs

Concept:  To have members spend time together in small and interactive groups.

Vision:  To expand the RELATIONSHIP FACTOR of CEO COUNCIL MEMBERS by increasing the frequency and depth of their interactions.  To make new solutions and ideas available by simply  extending the introductions, expanding the friendships, solidifying the business interactions, and exchanging members’ intellectual capital.

Parameters:  Groups should be no more than 20-25 members, in a one to two hour period, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, or after-hours fare.  This is in NO WAY intended to be a Roundtable with business problem-solving. Insight Sessions may be based on a business, educational or social topic or simply a time to get to know each other.

Other:  The groups are not a means for the host or attendees to sell any products or services, business or non-profit or otherwise. Members are encouraged to do business with other members and/or to encourage other members to join them in support of community activities, but this should be done on an individual basis and in accordance with our non-solicitation policies.

Hosting: Specific requirements must be met for any member to host an Insight Session, especially if the topic is something on which the member is speaking as the "subject matter expert." Contact [email protected] at the CEO Council office for the Guidelines and the form to Request to Host an Insight Session. You will be assisted in this process and setting your date so it doesn't conflict with other CEO Council events or another member's desired time for hosting an Insight Session.