Meetings & Events


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Meeting & Event Calendar

  • Please visit the Event Calendar for more details regarding upcoming meetings and events.

Meeting & Event Descriptions



Speaker Series

  • Held monthly over breakfast or lunch, the Speaker Series includes networking at the highest level and an hour of professional development with a cutting-edge speaker on a wide range of topics.


  • Roundtable groups of 10-15 CEOs meet monthly for in-depth problem-solving, brainstorming and relationship-building sessions. By assignment only.

Happy Hours

  • Happy Hours are held bi-monthly at varying locations. There are no agendas and no formalities - just a casual, fun night for members-only (and prospective member guests) to get together.

Insight Sessions

  • Members are encouraged to get to know each other and share their unique expertise by hosting Insight Sessions at their place of business or the venue of their choice. The CEO Council staff will assist in getting the word out and planning the event while the host picks up the tab.

Board Meetings

  • The business of the CEO Council organization is conducted by a Board of Directors for the benefit of the membership. Board Meetings take place bi-monthly at the Centre Club. Members are encouraged to bring any issues they may have to the Chairman or Executive Director at any time.


  • The CEO Council hosts two Socials each year. Members and their spouses or significant others are invited to join. Venues and activities vary. Past Socials have included beach parties, horse races and backyard soirees at members’ homes. There’s something for everyone!