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Membership Criteria

  1. You are the CEO (or in some cases Founder, Managing Partner or President) of your company
  2. You have more than 25 full-time employees
  3. Your company generates more than $3 million in revenue in Tampa Bay

The annual investment of $2,200 per year* includes Membership and attendance at our Meetings & Events throughout the year, access to our member directory, and more.

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To be considered for membership*, please tell us more about yourself by filling out our confidential Membership Application.

*Membership is contingent upon review by the Board's Review Committee.

What Our Members Say

According to a survey in 2016, here’s what members had to say about how we delivered on our brand promise, “Relationships. Ideas. Solutions.”



  • 96% have formed personal relationships
    • Of those, 32% have formed more than 10 personal relationships through the CEO Council
  • 78% have formed business (customer/vendor) relationships
    • Of those, 46% have formed more than 3 business relationships through the CEO Council
  • 88% have attended at least one to two CEO Council events in the past 3 months 
    • Of those, 17% attended more than 5
    • 35% attended 3-5
    • 36% attended 1-2 events


  • 93% made use of ideas from the CEO Council’s monthly Speaker Series
  • 86% made use of ideas from other members
  • 75% made use of ideas from the Roundtables


  • 84% have used the relationships and ideas to change their business
  • 80% have changed their professional life
  • 59% have changed their personal life