Community Connections


CEO Council Community Connections reinforces Relationships, Ideas and Solutions for Council members by making a positive impact on the Greater Tampa Bay Community.

There are many ways CEO Council Members give back to the community:

Our Giving

CEO Council Members gathering together to work as a team and help local nonprofits.CEOs at Habitat for Humanity

MISSION: create a series of “turnkey” event for members of the CEO Council to volunteer and roll-up their sleeves and invest time directly serving non-profit organizations.

PURPOSE: Our Giving = Strengthening the fabric of the CEO Council

It's unlike any other event. We can promise you 5 things:

  • You will be working
  • It won’t be glamorous
  • You may get dirty
  • You may even sweat
  • You’ll have more fun than you thought possible

If you are interested in volunteering for an upcoming Our Giving event please contact Cyndi Sexton, [email protected] or Deena Agliano, [email protected].

See highlights from our Our Giving Event at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

University Connections

Scholarships for the next generation of leadership.

Part of your CEO Council dues goes toward investing in young people attending various colleges and universities in our community.  If you or your business actively supports scholarship giving, we encourage your added support to the following CEO Council initiatives:

HCC – Veterans Entrepreneur Certificate Program
  • 2 Full Scholarships - $1,000 each. Effective 2014.
USF – College of Business
  • 3 Scholarships - $1,000 each
University of Tampa – School of Business
  • 2 Scholarships $1,000 each

Mentoring, Leadership, and Business Plan Competitions

CEO Council members provide leadership and guidance throughout the year by participating in shark tank competitions, business plan competitions, and one-on-one mentoring with local college students.

Current Open Opportunity – Leadership and Mentoring at USF

Opportunity Description:

USF Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

The length of service, with possible reappointment, is 3 years.
The Advisory Board meets formally once to twice annually Members of the Advisory.
Board members provide to the Center and our entrepreneurship students:
Guest professional presentations in classroom settings.
Opportunities to engage as adjunct faculty members, teaching specialty entrepreneurship, or related, courses.
Strategic advice utilized in developing Center directives.
Mentoring for current and former students considering or engaged in venturing activities.
Professional assistance to student ventures in residence or virtually being incubated in the USF Student Innovation Incubator (SII).
Assistance in selection and ongoing review of progress of student ventures for the SII.
Assistance in the identification, selection and judging for the Fintech Business Plan Competition.

Assistance with the Annual Entrepreneurship Gala held annually to celebrate entrepreneurship success in Tampa Bay and to raise scholarship funds for entrepreneurship students.

Education Connection

The Vision: Create a symbiotic virtuous cycle in which academia and business community are so interwoven that they produce the talent pool demanded by the free market economy, students are successfully employed in their field of study, and Tampa Bay experiences exponential economic growth that both attracts and retains the most talented workforce in the United States.

  • Hire Interns
  • Speak at Universities
  • Research/Collaborate

I WANT TO LEARN MORE – Download the Overview pdf on this page also go to the Education Connection website at and complete the inquiry form.  This submission will alert representatives at the individual Universities, Colleges, and Chamber of Commerce to your interest and a member of their team will be contacting with you to coordinate a discussion.  Always feel free to contact fellow member Edward Valaitis as he is the CEO Council liaison.
Disclaimer: Education Connection is here to facilitate business and academic connections, allowing you to more effectively tap into the intellectual and human capital resources available in our community.  We are here to provide you with support, tools and education, but the responsibility, follow-up, and work of engaging and advancing remain with your organization.  The success of your internship program, etc, will be a direct result of your pro-active efforts, persistence, and long-term commitment.

If you are interested in supporting any of these efforts or for more information please contact please contact Cyndi Sexton, [email protected] or Deena Agliano, [email protected].